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Team Development

Honor, Courage and Commitment are the words used to describe US Navy SEALs, a job that relies heavily on adaptability and teamwork. Based on the principals enacted by the SEALs, Tactical SEAL Adventures has developed a series of Corporate Team BuildingRead More

Team Building

Tactical SEAL Adventures believes that team building is an essential part of business. In order to achieve success you need to depend on your people and make them feel invested in the outcome at all times. Trust and communication are the two biggest factorsRead More

Team Events

Tactical SEAL Adventures had designed a series of events that will challenge your team and encourage growth in your organization. We offer everything from Fitness activities to SEAL Tactical Training and more. If you are thinking of holding an eventRead More

What We Offer

Tactical SEAL Adventures is your complete Team Building and Event Company. Based on the vision of CEO, Joe Masalta, a 15-year veteran of the U.S. Navy SEALs, this company focuses on leadership and effectiveness  utilizing the same team principals employed by SEALs.

  • Team Development
  • Team Building
  • Custom Events
  • Leadership Training
  • Indoor & Outdoor Activities
  • National Locations
  • Full Event Coordination
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